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We offer Matwork Pilates classes at the Oxford University Club, and both Matwork and Reformer classes in Warborough, Wallingford. Our Matwork Pilates classes are run as a course booked in blocks of 6-14 weeks. For our Oxford classes, we have an on-line booking system. For the current timetable and to book, please see the Pilates Booking pages. Please also download and complete our registration form here and bring it with you to your first class (we need a signed paper copy, please do not email).


Pilates is a form of exercise focusing on postural strength, commonly used by physiotherapists to help strengthen the back, deep abdominal and gluteal muscles, to help improve posture and flexibility and reduce or manage low back pain among other injuries. Pilates is also widely used in sports to improve performance or prevent injury, and many of the exercises will be familiar to athletes who may have used them as part of their 'core strength' programmes.


Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany but then moved to the UK and later New York where his work became very popular. Joseph Pilates had a background in body-building, gymnastics, yoga and kung-fu. He developed a series of exercises and training equipment designed to strengthen both the mind and body. During World War 1 he was held in an internment camp in the UK where he used his exercises to train fellow inmates using minimal equipment. After moving to New York, he set up his studio where he worked with well known dancers including Balanchine, and trained a group of students known as the 'Elders' who continued his method.


Pilates may be performed on specially designed large machines such as the Reformer and Trapeze Table, or it may be done using minimal or small equipment on the floor ('matwork'). There are now many different schools of Pilates. Teaching varies from 'Traditional Pilates' which closely follows Joseph's original work, to 'Modified Pilates' which is used by physiotherapists and other health professionals who have developed and adapted these exercises to use for low back pain as well as for general strength, flexibility and well-being.


At Oxford Sports Physio & Pilates we use a variety of small equipment such as the Pilates circle, foam roller, theraband and soft ball. We have recently introduced studio equipment, and now have 4 new Balanced Body Allegro Sport reformers at our Wallingford location, the Greet Hall in Warborough.


Our Oxford classes are held in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), on the lower ground floor in the Oxford University Club (11 Mansfield Road OX1 3SZ). There are changing rooms, lockers and showers available. There is 'pay and display' parking in Mansfield Road. Mats and small equipment (Pilates circles, foam rollers, theraband, soft balls) are provided; all you need to bring is a small towel to use as a head support. Please note that the University club is a member’s club therefore access is by university membership card/free online registration. For information please see the University Club website.


All beginners must arrange a half-hour 1:1 introductory session / assessment; this is a pre-requisite before joining a beginners course and is recommended practice by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. This session costs £20. Please contact us to arrange before the start of the course.


If you do not want to join a class, we also do 1:1 Pilates. Prices can be found here.