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A Podiatrist is a specialist of the foot, ankle and lower limb. Sports Podiatrists (or musculoskeletal Podiatrists) primarily focus on the way the foot interacts with the ground and try to consider the loads or forces that the lower limb has to contend with during high impact sporting activity.  This is often also referred to as ‘biomechanics’ which is essentially the application of mechanical principles to living organisms.


Catherine Bryer is a qualified podiatrist specialising in biomechanics, musculoskeletal medicine and exercise rehabilitation. She has worked in both NHS and private clinics, and has experience working with clients from a variety of sporting backgrounds. Catherine is studying MSc Musculoskeletal Sciences at Oxford University and has collaborated with Arthritis Research UK in researching exercise rehabilitation for arthritis. With a MA in Philosophy, her academic interests also lie in Evidence Based Healthcare, Implementation Science and Meta-Research. She spends her free time hiking and playing trumpet in local bands.