Terms and conditions

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 By participating in our face to face or online live Pilates classes and videos, you acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Participants should be over the age of 18 and living in the UK only. For anyone with an injury, we recommend an individual consultation with your physiotherapist or Pilates teacher and face to face tuition prior to attempting an on-line video to make sure that Pilates is suitable for you. It is important that if you have any underlying health conditions that you consult with your doctor before taking up a new exercise regime. Online Pilates videos are for people who are fit and injury-free. Our online classes are not designed for pregnancy or osteoporosis which would require individual modifications in a face to face setting. None of the exercises should cause any pain and you should stop the session if you have any pain, feeling of excessive fatigue or strain.
 We will offer a variety of levels and depending on your individual strength and fitness we recommend that you start with a more gentle level and progress to a level that you feel comfortable doing.

When you have booked your place, please download and complete our registration form here and please discuss with your teacher if you have answered yes to any of the health questions. 


Beginners / 'Gentle' classes are for people who have never done Pilates, or people who prefer a more gentle pace, have back problems or are recovering from injury. We beleive that beginner's require face to face tuition before joining an online class and beginners will need to arrange a half-hour 1:1 introductory session before their first class (cost £20 payable directly to the teacher). This is recommended practice by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and is a pre-requisite to starting the course. Please book your place and contact us to arrange this. 

Intermediate classes are mixed level depending on the ability of the group, with some advanced options given. If you are recovering from injury please contact us and if needed we can arrange a 1:1 session to check whether an intermediate class is suitable for you or if it would be best to go back to basics in a beginner's class.

Advanced classese are suitable for anyone looking for more of a challenge. Participants should be fit and injury-free: if you are recovering from injury please contact us to discuss before booking; a beginner's or intermediate class may be more suitable depending on your stage of rehab.


Cancellation Policy - Classes

All cancellations must be made in writing by email. If you wish to cancel your booking before the start of a Pilates course we can offer the following refunds:

More than 2 week's notice: full refund, minus £5 admin fee.

Less than 2 week's notice: 75% refund

Within the first 2 weeks of the course: 50%

2 weeks or more into the course: No refund. However, if we are able to fill your place from a waiting list or if you can find someone with suitable Pilates experience to take your place we will offer a pro-rata refund for the remainder of the course and transfer your booking to someone else.

Cancellation policy - 1:1 sessions

Please note that 1:1 appointments cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice may be subject to a 50% charge on the first occasion, 100% for repeat late cancellations, at the discretion of the teacher.


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